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1.50 ct Rich Neon Pink Mahenge Spinel From Tanzania

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ID NUMBER: EGA-32100960
GEM TYPE: Spinel
WEIGHT: 1.50 ct
SIZE (mm): 7.6 x 6.1 x 3.8
ORIGIN: Tanzania
COLOR: Rich Neon Pink
CLARITY: Transparent
TREATMENT: Non - 100% natural

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Market Price: $750
Our Price: $499
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Mahenge Spinel is the stone that changed everyones opinions about Spinel. It is the sole reason why so many people around the world are now familiar with the beauty of the Mahenge Spinel. The vibrant pinks and the deep reds combined with durability that is only surpassed by a handful of gemstone have made Mahenge Spinel one of the most popular stones of the new age. In Tanzania occurring in bright neon colors of pink, red and - relative rarely - orange Mahenge Spinels of the world's finest and most famous Gemstones.

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