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3.08 ct Kyanite

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ID NUMBER: EGA-32103087
GEM TYPE: Kyanite
WEIGHT: 3.08 ct
SIZE (mm): 9.3 x 9.1 x 4.12
COLOR: Greenish Blue
SHAPE: Cushion
TREATMENT: Non - 100% natural

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Market Price: $300
Our Price: $199
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Here is an oddity for the gem enthusiast with an interest in Kyanite.  Several years ago a small deposit of gem Kyanite from Madgascar was found to contain significant amounts of the elements Vanadium and Chromium.  See the Fall 2007 issue of Gems and Gemology for a write-up of this material.  These elements contributed to an attractive gem greenish-blue color that is unusual in gem Kyanite - more more well known are the greenish stones from Brazil and the deep blues from Nepal. This interesting gem is from a newer find of this material in India - the deposit has produced gems with the same saturated greenish-blue color of the Madagascar finds.  Most of the material has been highly included and MUCH smaller. Well cut, particularly for Kyanite, and very unusual.

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