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0.44 ct Vayrynenite

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ID NUMBER: EGA-32102003
GEM TYPE: Vayrynenite
GEM VARIETY: Vayrynenite
WEIGHT: 0.44 ct
SIZE (mm): 5.6 x 4.2 x 2.4
ORIGIN: Pakistan
COLOR: Medium Pink-Orange
CLARITY: Slightly Included
TREATMENT: Non - 100% natural

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Market Price: $1,200
Our Price: $599
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One of the rarest of collector's gems - and one of the most beautiful.    The color is superb, the classic intense pinkish-orange of the species.  Väyrynenite is only very rarely encountered in gem grade and only a few gems have trickled onto the market over the last decade; it remains one of the rarest of the rare.  This is a gorgeous example - the clarity is remarkably good for an example of such a respectable size.  Outstanding collectors gem.

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