Gemstone Certificates

EGA now offers gemological certificates for nearly all gemstone varieties we sell. You have the option to purchase a certificate when you add an item to your shopping cart.

Please note: if you need a certificate for a gem, you must order the certificate at the time you place the order for the gem.

The certificates are gemstone identification reports issued by independent gemological laboratories. We currently use BIG (the Budapest Institute of Gemology), one of the leading gemological labs in Central Europe for colored gemstones.

The BIG Identification Certificate is based on a precious stone analysis, which is designed to identify the species and variety of a colored gem. The Certificate clearly states whether the stone is natural or synthetic, provides other data describing its shape, cut, weight, measurements, color, transparency, and major characteristics, and also includes a detailed photograph of the stone. Country of origin is stated on the report if the gemological analysis conclusively reveals it.

When you order a certificate for a gem, we usually have to send the gem to the lab for testing. We try to certify gems within 5 days whenever possible.