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Jewelery as an Investment

There are very few consumer purchases which will retain much of their value over a long period of time. Cars are probably the largest consumer spending item, but whatever car you buy new, it worth only half of it as soon as you left the shop and within 20 years it becomes a wreck. Clothes, shoes, computers, televisions, telephones will show a similar pattern. They variously will wear out, go out of fashion, break down, or otherwise deteriorate. One way or another, most consumer items become unsaleable or worthless within a relatively short timespan, say one to twenty years. On the other hand a piece of gold jewellery or a diamond ring will retain its value over a long period of time.

Gold jewelry can hold not only monetary value, but also artistic or emotional value. When you buy a piece of jewelery you will get pleasure from owning, wearing or giving it. The reward for your investment will be the value of the pleasure you get besides the value in the item in the future. It is also easier to transport; you can wear your wealth while traveling, making it an extremely portable form of gold investment.

However a diamond ring could be the best investment. Let’s say you spend some $1,000 on a diamond engagement ring. As a result, a beautiful girl will marry you, and provide you love and affection for the next fifty years, bears your children, keeps house, maybe also earns an income, cooks, and cleans for you. You can’t get a much better investment than that, ever, anywhere.